A C*-algebra of entire functions

      报告人:朱克和 教授 State University of New York at Albany




      报告摘要:There are many well-studied algebras of analytic functions, such as H^\infty and the disc algebra. But these classical algebras of analytic functions are just Banach algebras, not C*-algebras, mostly because the usual complex conjugation is not well defined on them. In this talk, I will introduce an example of a C*-algebra of entire functions on the complex plane, with “multiplication” and “conjugation” defined in a non-traditional way. This algebra sits inside the Fock space.

       报告人简介:美国纽约洲立大学奥尔巴尼分校(State University of New York at Albany)数学与统计系教授,曾担任该系系主任。多次被收入“美国名人录”和“世界名人录”,是国际分析领域的著名数学家。目前已出版11部高水平著作,其中3部是国际上数学专业研究生的标准教材(GTM199,GTM226,GTM263),另外MSM138在国内外很多高校选作分析方向研究生的标准教材,产生了广泛的影响。在多个著名国际刊物发表130多篇高水平学术论文。   

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